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How to Advertise on this Community Website

Four options are available to anyone wishing to advertise on this community website.

  • Short Business Directory Entry (Free)
  • Enhanced Business Directory Entry (£20 per annum)
  • Column Advertisement + Enhanced Business Directory Entry
    (£30 or £40 per annum)
  • Webpage + Enhanced Business Directory Entry
    (£50 one-off set up fee and £25 per annum)

This page shows examples of adverts, their specifications and the advertising rates. If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

In most cases, we can design and produce the advert for you free of charge.

Short Business Directory Entry

The Business Directory is simply a list of businesses sorted into business categories (eg Art and Crafts, Builders etc) with name and contact details. As well as the main directory, there are three others within the site; places to eat and drink, things to see and do and accommodation which may be more appropriate for your particular business.

This type of entry is completely free.

Enhanced Business Directory Entry

Like the short entry, your business is listed in the Business Directory, places to eat and drink , things to see and do or accommodation directory.

With the enhanced entry however, you can have an image or logo, a full description of your business (up to about 50 words), a link to your own website and your email address if you have them.

In addition, if your business is in a fixed location, you can have a link to the map with your location clearly labelled on it and yet another link to your own website. Finally, you get a further entry in the A to Z Business Index with all the above links repeated.

The cost for all this is just £20 per annum.

Column Advertisement

These appear in the left hand column below the menus. There is a choice of two sizes, Standard and Large (an example of each one can be seen on the left).

Adverts are not 'tied' to one particular page, a different advert is displayed each time a page is selected by someone. This means that your advert is guaranteed to be displayed periodically, irrespective of which pages on the site are viewed.

Prices for column adverts are £30 and £40 per annum for medium and large respectively. Column advertisers also get a free enhanced entry in the Business Directory, places to eat and drink , things to see and do or accommodation directory and the A to Z Business Index.


These are intended for businesses who do not have their own website but want to display more information than would fit in the directory or a column advertisement.

The pages adopt the same overall design of the site (logo and navigation bar at the top and two columns) but within this you can have the content of your choice.

There is a one-off charge of £50 to create the page and then an annual renewal fee of £25. An enhanced directory entry is included free of charge which links to your webpage.


Then simply contact us